Trump’s New Approach on the Status of Jerusalem

The word Jerusalem appears in our daily prayers as it has for Jews since King David, author of the Psalms that both Jews and Christians reverence, established it as the capitol of the Jewish nation.

As to the world’s response to Trump’s decision, he certainly expected it. The central pillar of Church doctrine is supersession, the claim that G-d has transferred His love from the Jews to the Christians and, as punishment for their role in the death of Jesus (in which the Church narrative essentially absolves Pontius Pilate, the then true power in Israel, in order to falsely shift guilt to the Jews), dooming them to eternal statelessness (the “wandering Jew”) and eternal torment.  Israel’s very existence shatters that pillar, so the Church has been assiduous in its attempts to delegitimize Israel. The Vatican recognized the P.L.O. in 1974, but refused to recognize Israel until 1993! Trump’s decision recognizes the de facto and de jure reality:

Jerusalem is, as it has been since ancient times, the capitol of Israel.  ​Even in the over two millennia of Israel’s exile, every census, Roman, Ottoman and British have shown that Jews constituted the great majority of the population of both the land and its capitol.

Those censuses, by the way, confirm Mark Twain’s famous observation that the desolate land seemed “… to be asleep, awaiting the return of her children,” as the land’s revival began with the Zionist enterprise, the spur, by the way, for immigration by Syrian, Egyptian and  Trans-Jordanian Muslims, eager for the well-paying jobs the reclamation of the land offered. The descendants of those immigrants, their regional origins obvious from their family names, constitute the bulk of the so-called Palestinians.

To continue the failed policies of the past is to repeat failure. Trump has thrown down the gauntlet to Abbas, “Come along, or step aside,” he challenges.  Trump’s determination will break the logjam, as the Muslim Mideast is tired of the stranglehold the Palestinians have arrogated to themselves over the future of the region, witness Israel’s open, close relationship with Egypt and its clandestine relationship with Saudi Arabia to counter Iran’s thrust for regional hegemony.


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