Dear Friends, Darech Amuno will remain closed for the High Holydays as we continue to work on the synagogue.
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About Us

This beautiful, traditional synagogue, now in its 2nd century in Greenwich Village, stands on what was formerly Van Nest Place, the southern border of an old Dutch farm that ran down to the Hudson River. The building is a former brownstone that was converted into a House of Worship over five years starting in 1912 and opened for Services in 1917 as the new home of Congregation Darech Amuno. Founded in 1838, the congregation pioneered the free burial of indigent Jews, 1865 marking the first interment in its Bayside cemetery Mokom Shalom, a function later assumed by the Hebrew Free Burial Society. The congregation has always been a devoted supporter of Zionist efforts, joyously celebrated the rebirth of Israel, bought Israel Development bonds and donated a fully- equipped ambulance to the Red Magen David. Our members fought in the wars of 1948 and 1967. After WWII, refugees, including a few survivors of German extermination camps, enlarged our member roll. One, Nathan Steiman, owed his survival to Oscar Schindler. His son Michael regularly recites the prophetic Haftorah and concludes with Mussaf each Sabbath.
by Edward C. Caswell

Our Mission

The Greenwich Village Synagogue, also known as Congregation Darech Amuno or the Charles Street Synagogue notches a century of service to the community this Rosh HaShana. It is the place where life events are celebrated – baby namings, circumcisions, bar mitzvahs, weddings and, at the end of a life cycle, memorial services – and where, every Sabbath and Holiday, the Sanctuary echos with melodies of prayer in the ancient tradition that combines pleas with praise of G-D. Friendly and welcoming, it is a great place for beginners to reconnect to the faith of their fathers or start their own tradition. Even a single visit can lead to the pursuit of a transformative relationship with Heaven.



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